10.06.2021 | Laboratories for patient-oriented research in the Käthe-Beutler-Haus

In future, researchers and patients will meet in the Käthe-Beutler-Haus in Berlin to push the work on blood vessel research.

Patient-oriented research in the Käthe-Beutler-Haus

Transferring research results from the laboratory to clinical application is a great and exciting task. In the Käthe-Beutler-Haus, which has now been inaugurated in Berlin, this will be a focus of the medical research and laboratory work. 3,000 square metres of laboratory space will be available to the more than 200 researchers, who will mainly be working on blood vessel research. 

“With the Käthe Beutler Building, we are facilitating encounters between us, the Vascular Biomedicine research teams, and patients. Our goal is the translation of basic research discoveries into clinical practice – while also making sure clinical knowledge is fed back to the lab. Translation bridges gaps between disciplines, between their different languages, cultures and ways of thinking, thus creating new understanding and insights. This will permanently change how we view, treat and prevent disease.” said Holger Gerhardt, Professor for Experimental Cardiovascular Research at the MDC. 

The new Käthe-Beutler-Haus is intended to further connect research in Berlin - as a joint research location for the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) at the Charité and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) at the Campus Berlin Buch. The new building's namesake, the paediatrician and researcher Dr. Käthe Beutler, stands for determination, assertiveness and foresight through her personal life story.  

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