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When creating a new laboratory, the planning process is one of the most important steps. Only thorough planning can ensure laboratory rooms that are functional, safe, efficient, sustainable and future-oriented. We plan and install hundreds of laboratories around the world every year. We’ll be happy to create a well-thought-out laboratory plan for you too – one that brings you the benefits of our in-depth expertise and modern solution approaches.

Whether it’s a new building or a conversion, a chemistry, medical or physics laboratory, small or large – with Waldner, you have a reliable partner who is committed to functionality, quality and sustainability.

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Laboratory Solutions



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High-precision Laboratory Planning

The efficiency and functionality of a laboratory hinges on the planning process. Only a well designed concept can meet your individual lab requirements. That’s how we create optimally equipped working environments that facilitate efficient, concentrated work processes, thus getting the best possible result for your project.
Whether your laboratory needs to be flexible and expandable, or you place a premium on energy efficiency and sustainability – we can develop your custom laboratory solution. It goes without saying that we also consider all safety standards, relevant regulations and guidelines for laboratory planning.

Precise laboratory planning
Laboratory planning: Here's how we proceed

Individuality? Of Course!

We start by conducting an in-depth dialogue to define your requirements down to the smallest detail. You explain to us how you use your laboratory now, what additional features you need in the future and which aspects are most important to you. Our experienced laboratory planners then develop an initial concept for your new laboratory. If the concept meets your expectations, we will go ahead with the detailed planning of your custom lab

These steps are not set in stone, of course. Since our customers bring us on board at different stages in their lab construction projects, we can flexibly adjust the laboratory planning process. We are also happy to assist you beyond the planning phase with laboratory construction.

Sophisticated Building Management

Functionality is essential in modern laboratories. That’s why a precisely planned building management system is crucial in lab planning. The following areas are essential:

Laboratory planning: Building services engineering

Individuality down to the smallest detail thanks to Modular Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment is just as important as the technical building equipment. In laboratory planning, it is important to consider the equipment at an early stage in order to design a lab that is as functional as possible. Waldner offers a variety of laboratory furniture in various designs.

Laboratory benches

Laboratory benches are a key element of every lab and should therefore be given special attention during planning. At Waldner, you can choose from among five bench frames and nine different worktops or one of our four special tables.

Laboratory tables
Laboratory sinks

We equip your lab with high-quality laboratory sinks to ensure a hygienic work environment. Our range includes five different laboratory washbasins made of robust, durable materials.

Laboratory sink
Laboratory cabinets

Our laboratory cabinets provide sufficient storage space for tools, chemicals and much more. We offer a wide array of tall, suspended, underbench, pull-out and top-mounted cabinets as well as special cabinets for acids, alkalis & co.

Laboratory cabinets
Service modules

Laboratories need to be supplied with a wide variety of media to ensure smooth work processes. Waldner carries seven types of service modules for this purpose, and they can be expanded at any time thanks to their modular design.

Service modules
Laboratory fume hoods

Laboratory fume hoods divert hazardous substances before they enter the room air. But our laboratory fume hoods can do even more: they are height-adjustable, energy-efficient and digitally networked, featuring a multitude of intelligent details.

Laboratory fume hood
Supply and waste disposal systems

Supply and waste disposal systems are an essential part of laboratory planning. They make it possible to safely dispose of alkalis, acids and other waste materials. They also safely supply the lab with hazardous, combustible materials.

Supply and waste disposal system

Want to know more?

Let’s work together to create a unique solution for your future laboratory.

Implementation after Laboratory Planning

Planning alone is certainly not the end of the story. The next step is the implementation: laboratory construction. Our qualified specialists are available to make your virtual plan a reality. After the handover, you will benefit from our comprehensive maintenance service. If your laboratory requirements change, we will gladly take care of adjustments or conversions.

Are you interested in special training after the laboratory handover? Then take advantage of our application and software training, which is specifically designed for laboratory equipment. In these one or two-day training courses, we provide you with practical knowledge to make your work processes more efficient.

Precise laboratory planning simplifies implementation

The Green Laboratory of the Future

Smart laboratory planning for the green laboratory of the future

Did you know that laboratory buildings consume up to four times more water and up to ten times more energy than regular office buildings? Not the best appraisal in terms of energy and resource consumption. We know there’s a better way! That’s why Waldner is committed to bringing sustainability into the laboratory.

Take advantage of our Green Lab Consulting and we’ll find out together how we can make your lab more sustainable, energy-efficient and economical. Don’t miss out on the benefits of sustainable laboratory planning.

Questions about Laboratory Planning? Ask Away!

Why look to Waldner for laboratory planning?

With Waldner, you get a partner that approaches your project with many years of expertise, comprehensive methodological competence and creative solutions. We put a lot of passion and expert know-how into every single customer project to develop tailor-made laboratory solutions that meet your individual requirements to the fullest.

When should we bring Waldner on board for laboratory planning?

The earlier, the better! The beginning of the planning phase in particular can involve many errors that are often difficult to correct afterwards. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can support you with sophisticated laboratory planning right from the start.

What are the first steps in laboratory planning?

The first step is to get in touch us and briefly describe the basic vision for your laboratory. We will then arrange an appointment with you to discuss your ideas and the exact requirements for your lab in detail. Based on this meeting, we will then develop the first planning draft.

How can we make laboratories more sustainable?

To bring more sustainability to your laboratory, we launched Green Lab Consulting. After assessing 14 focus topics such as waste reduction and energy saving, we plan targeted measures that will make your lab more sustainable.

Reference Projects: Waldner Laboratory Planning

As a renowned laboratory planner, we install hundreds of laboratories every year – worldwide. Browse through the following gallery and see what your finished lab might look like. Or take a look at our reference projects relating to laboratory equipment.

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